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welcomes you to our eco-friendly residential village where focus is on Integrity, Customer delight and commitment


We provides you all with total housekeeping solution to ensure a clean and tidy living environment.  


Our facilities includes Multi National dining halls, Laundry facility, Gym, Mosque, Shop, Clinic, Exchanges etc

Welcome to Al Dhafra Village

Al Dhafra Village is in step with the vision of emirates Govenment to treat the workers with dignity by providing them proper accommodations.

It is part of the efforts to provide a suitable living environment in terms of health, human and social well being of workers who are one of the core community segments contributing to the building and development process of the country.

Al Dhafra Village is an integrated residential village dedicated to workers and Technicians, fitted with the latest facilities and services that befits the urban, industrial and commercial development of the emirate. It also ensures the highest possible standards of living to workers and makes them feel stable and secure..

Chairman's Message

Al Dhafra Workforce Residential Village guarantee to provide high standards of living, for that we are committed to provide our Tenants with excellent residential and recreational facilities that will meet and exceed expectation and our high standard build facilities gives improved domestic standards of modern community living.
We are located within the heart of Industrial city of Abu Dhabi, ICAD III, 15 minutes' drive to Abu Dhabi City and Abu Dhabi International Airport.